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the only way to do a great work is to love what you do

/// steve jobs ///

1st Bayer Brand Ambassador | +25K Followers | +100K Views

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In Brazil there's a expression I like very much: "Vestir a camisa" and that literally means wear the t-shirt.

That comes from the football club's, specifically when a player change club they say to be proud to wear the new club t-shirt.

Therefore, the same expression is used in the companies, when employees are clear committed with the company values and products.

Following this philosophy, I've started to use LinkedIn since 2008 to promote the companies I have been working for, and from the moment I become a Game Changer at Bayer, I did wear the Bayer t-shirt and got +100K views on all  my Bayer posts, moving from 4K to 17K followers in 2 years.


Taking advantage of this wave, I also started to promote the new collaboration tool adopted by Bayer, the Microsoft Teams, which I become a trainer of +1500 users and daily support to over 3.5K users across all Bayer divisions.

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