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The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

/// H. Jackson Brown, Jr.///


This paint is called "O Pescador", the Fisherman in  Portuguese, and that's an inspiration of a picture my father took on his honeymoon with my mother in 1978, in Porto Belo, south of Brazil. Coming back to Curitiba, he gave the picture to a local artist and painter called Jacomitte, which makes this masterpiece for my memories between my parents, their story, and the reflection on their character in my life.

The Mentor and Mentee relationship can be compared as such, the Mentee needs to transmit a specific situation (The Picture) and communicate the required outcome (The Paint) properly, the Mentor instead, need to be able to read (The Picture) and apply the right painting technique to deliver the paint as requested, and on the same time teach the Mentee how to paint. Otherwise, the fisherman will never learn how to fish.

Both Mentor and Mentee should work together to find their reason to wake up in the morning or sense for being. First of all, no worries if you are not yet there; it takes just some time to reflect, analyze and take notes about your passion, mission, vocation, and profession.

Significant in my view is to give time to time, no rush. Live sometimes give us many gifts that we need to stop longer to see from all perspectives. Another way to know where you are is to collect feedback from people you believe in and support you on this challenge. My Ikigai? I discovered it just now, during COVID-19, and you can see it here on the site and also on my LinkedIn profile, but that's not an end, but a target.

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