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less than 1% of data in business is analyzed and turned into benefits

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As Senior Manager obsessed with customer success, I invested the past 20 years in engagement and implementation of Innovative Digital Solutions and Projects across many industries. While as Digital Lead, I'm driving the Digital Transformation and establishing a business relationship inside and across companies to solve real business challenges.

With a unique Digital Mindset towards Project Management, I can identify and translate technical requirements into visible and innovative actions in an agile mode while developing senior stakeholders with excellent ability to build and maintain effective relationships across hierarchical levels due to multicultural experience and multilingual capabilities.

Virtual Reality

Acting as Program Manager in charge of the IT Projects, I have been driving and participating in several innovative initiatives across the pharmaceutical industry to implement the Digital Transformation effectively; from Clinical Trials, Product Life Cycle, Supply Chain, Business Development to Sales and Bid Management with Government agencies, e.g., ANVISA; I have been acting as a bridge between all internal and external partners to implement technologies as such as SAP, Smart Glasses, RPA (Robot Process Automation), 3D Printer, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Voice Assistant, Weather Data, and Robotics to PoC's under the Consumer Insights and Blockchain domains.

This video has been deleted.
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