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a mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.

/// oprah winFrey ///


My father was my first mentor, coach, and friend, and I still remember many lessons, directions, and "tips," both in my professional and personal life. From him, I took the passion for helping and serving people,  learning and teaching, being a mentee and a mentor.

From my mother instead, I inherited the communication skills, the never-give-up attitude, the positive mindset, the passion for work hard all the time, and the openness for new opportunities and professional and personal life.

From my parents, I received many love and many examples of living under pressure while being kind with others and understanding the world around me. This was the best mentorship program ever. If you are interested in developing a mentorship relationship, be free to contact me; I firmly believe in the power of love and friendship, aligned with a structured method that can create a differential mentorship outcome.

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