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/// Jodi Picoult ///

VILLA GELLA is my 1º Book - Here, I share with you all a bit about myself, my special story with my wife, and my beliefs. From where, how, why, and who influenced my life and my decisions.

I had this "wish" on my wishlist for more than 13 years, and I would like to show others what went right in my life. As I have been influenced in many areas of my life, I hope I can influence you as well. In the end, the real evolution in life is the moral one; everything else is just about having more or less.

Book Description:

Villa Gella it's a modern story in an old fashioned way.

Do you know someone that gave her wife's first kiss just one day before the wedding?

Do you believe people can stay together all their lives by relying only on each other?

If so, this story is for you. Join Francisco Mello on a journey through his history with Paola. Their lessons in love could help you live a better life.


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