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change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

/// john f. kennedy ///

Users Supported Daily | +3.500

Users Tailored Trained (1:1) | +1.500

Groups Managed Daily ('20)|      +90

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+220 | Posts Initiated

+590 | Replies All Members

+580 | Reactions & Mentions

While working at Bayer Consumer Care in Switzerland, I have started to use Microsoft Teams just some months after its release by Microsoft in 2018. Since there, I did not stop to explore this excellent communication tool deeply, focusing on problems that could be solved with the correct adoption and training planning. Therefore, by my own initiative, in 2019, I became the first and only person at Bayer (All Divisions) certified at Microsoft Teams. Consequently, I have decided to share the knowledge acquired in the so-called “THE MS Teams Group” giving daily support to +3.500 users and provided tailored trained to +1.500 colleagues.

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Business Challenges | Solved

  • Newsletter/Communication views n.º on real time

  • Multiple restricted data in one single file automatically

  • Meetings with restricted information and guests

  • Chat group on MS Teams to replace WhatsApp

  • Managing Office Space Schedule

  • Using Q&A chat bot

Useful cases | Outcomes

  • Embed Meeting Agenda | Zero e-mails

  • Team Agenda Absences | Speed Communication

  • Project Management | Planner send the Reminders

  • Live Events in many languages | Did you know about that?

  • Breakout rooms | 100% Digital Workshop

All that has been accomplished by using all these applications in combination: Microsoft Teams | Yammer | Sway | Stream | Power Automate | Power BI Forms | Planner | Bots | Shifts | To Do | Lists | One Note 

23 Award Nominations | 2019 LIFE Values Awards

Even without the Award, the nomination of 23 colleagues from all Bayer divisions on all LIFE values categories give me clear feedback that my extra-mile behavior was in the right direction and later becomes an example to many others, since I did not stop to offer help and continued to embrace the Bayer LIFE Values while deep developing my values, supporting people with Digital Mindset Change to Solve Business Challenges and Leverage Engagement on Digital Platforms also outside of work environment.

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Business Meeting

THE SECRET OF CHANGE IS focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

/// Socrates ///

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